Thursday, October 23, 2008

Murray's Cheese

During the NYC trip we had to stop by Murray's cheese where we had an appointment to tour the cheese caves and try a cheese tasting, it was a very interesting and educational experience for me, the cheese is taken very seriously and carefully stored in caves that are set at a different temperature and humidity depending on the type of cheese. They really care about cheese and have an amazing variety. I went into about 5 different caves, the bleu cheeses was my absolute favorite, the smell was amazing! The cheese tasting was the best, I think I could seriously live on wine, cheese and bread! We tryed so many great cheeses which I can't remember the names (sorry!), but I highly recommend visiting Bleecker street and stop by Murray's (Anthony Bourdain did as seen on his Cook's Tour tv show).

It's CHEESE!!!

This is me in the bleu cheese cave! We had to cover our hair and wear special booties over our shoes.

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