Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rendezvous Collection

Come away with me on this Rendezvous. Introducing the latest collection of dresses and tops for the romantic getaway, love is in the air... by Amanda Archer Collection
Modeled by Madelaine D.

Love Story Dress, ruffled collar with rose lace skirt, racerback design
Rendezvous Gown in vintage ivory floral crinkle cotton
Love Bird Dress, charcoal gray, other colors available
L'Amour Dress in cream, other colors available
Bella Dress, light peachy pink silk dupioni.
Enchantment Dress, light pewter gray lace and pearls, racerback design
Serenade Dress, black cotton and lace with matching rose pin
Lyrical Leaves pleated collar wrap top, cotton sateen print
Poetic Ruffles wrap top, herringbone gray cotton


Simply Me said...

In a few weeks I would LOVE to order those two tops!!! They will be mine!!! :) I'll just convince myself they are wedding gifts to myself haha


Ariel said...

OMG!!! Love, love, love the new items! They're gorgeous!