Monday, July 26, 2010

Real Wedding: Bridesmaids in Aqua and Red!

I was so excited when Bride Danielle contacted me about creating her bridesmaids dresses in different styles while keeping them in the same color combo of red and aqua. I just love the way they turned out, the colors are so striking! Below are pictures from Danielle's May 2010 wedding on Catalina Island, photography by Nicole Fields.
btw, love the shoes!


Stephanie B said...

I love aqua and red together right is just so cheerful and stunning. The dresses are beautiful! I have been a fan of your etsy shop for quite some was fun looking at some of your custom work!

Liz for Let's See Etsy said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous it that!?! I love the way they all turned out, each with their own individual style. The whole look in the photos look amazing. I love it!

Brittany Lauren said...

Wow! I wish I found you last year when I was looking for bridesmaid dresses. I used the aqua and red color combo and love how creative you were with the color and style!